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Sit Norma. Gorgeous, Sexy & Rich: Money For Women In Good & Tough Times

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Sit Norma. Gorgeous, Sexy & Rich: Money For Women In Good & Tough Times
Marshall Cavendish, 2009. — 288 p. — ISBN 9812614958, ISBN-10: 9812618783, ISBN-13 978-9812618788.
Gorgeous, Sexy and Rich is an essential for the woman who's chic, cosmopolitan and smart enough to want to know about how to handle her finances. Drawing upon her vast life experiences, both personal and professional, author Norma Sit will take you through a plethora of financial issues to help you reach the ultimate goal of financial independence. Learn how to manage your money, budget for yourself and your family, avoid money traps, identify smart and stupid debts, invest, save, and plan for your financial future, through products like insurance and stocks and bonds, all through the different phases of your life. It's time to take control of your finances and start to build your foundation to financial independence and success.
An essential read for any woman who finds herself lost in busyness and wakes up one day to find that much of life has passed her by. If this is you, it is never too late to reboot your life. You still have time to create magic and live your dreams, practically and with clarity. You can find happiness in a world sometimes gone mad. Using the idea of the four poles of a compass to represent the different aspects of life that need to be enriched and nurtured, Norma provides a comprehensive and practical framework for you to review your life and to re-organise it for success. Norma also shares how she and others have dealt with challenges and adversities that may derail your sense of self and direction. You can steer your life back on track and stay there. Ready yourself for a paradigm shift and a lifestyle change that will empower you and allow you to become truly Gorgeous, Sexy, Rich.and Strong, both inside and out.
Norma Sit is an entrepreneur and a social activist. She is the CEO of Foundation of the Future, a humanitarian think-tank dedicated to the betterment of communities and societies in South East Asia through strategic intervention and promotion of the Green Economy. She is an active volunteer and philanthropist, supporting and spearheading work in sports and the arts, and for disadvantaged women and youth. She contributes at various national level committees and is a Board Member of the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre of Singapore. She is a devoted and happy mother to Brian and Elizabeth Young.
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