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Dawkins R. The Extended Phenotype: The Long Reach of the Gene

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Dawkins R. The Extended Phenotype: The Long Reach of the Gene
Oxford University Press, 1999. — 243 р. — ISBN: 0192880519
By the best selling author of The Selfish Gene. The Extended Phenotype is a sequel to The Selfish Gene. This entertaining and thought-provoking book is an excellent illustration of why the study of evolution is in such an exciting ferment these days. Dawkins writes so clearly it could be understood by anyone prepared to make the effort.
Necker Cubes and Buffaloes
Genetic Determinism and Gene Selectionism
Constraints on Perfection
Arms Races and Manipulation
The Active Germ-Line Replicator
Organisms, Groups and Memes: Replicators or Vehicles?
Selfish Wasp or Selfish Strategy?
Outlaws and Modifiers
Selfish DNA, Jumping Genes, and a Lamarckian Scare
An Agony in Five Fits
The Genetical Evolution of Animal Artefacts
Host Phenotypes of Parasite Genes
Action at a Distance
Rediscovering the Organism
Further Reading
Author Index
Subject Index
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