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Crouhy M., Galai D., Mark R.M. The Essentials of Risk Management

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Crouhy M., Galai D., Mark R.M. The Essentials of Risk Management
McGraw-Hill, 2005. — 432 p. — ISBN: 0071429662, 9780071429665
Learn powerful corporate governance and risk strategies to control both financial and non financial risks .Risk is an integral component of every forward looking transaction. Now more than ever before, it is essential to understand the multiple dimensions of risk as well as how to best manage risk to gain a competitive advantage.
The Essentials of Risk Management offers a strikingly clear picture of how to construct a superior risk management program.
The Essentials of Risk Management provides you with a practical, non-ivory tower approach that is necessary to effectively implement a superior risk management program. Written by three of the leading figures with extensive practical and theoretical experience in the global risk management and corporate governance arena, this straightforward guidebook features such topics as:
Corporate governance, compliance and risk management
How to implement integrated risk management
Measuring, managing and hedging market, credit (retail and corporate), operational and model risk
The roles of board members and senior management in managing risk
As corporate scandals continue to make headlines and erode shareholder confidence, risk becomes everyone's responsibility. The Essentials of Risk Management will empower both the technical and non technical reader with the essential knowledge necessary to understand and manage risks in any corporate or economic environment.
About the Author
Michel Crouhy, Ph.D., is the head of research and development and financial engineering at IXIS Corporate and Investment Bank (Groupe Caisse d'Epargne). He has the bankwide oversight on all quantitative research and the development of new products and applications supporting the trading and structuring businesses.
Dan Galai, Ph.D., is the Abe Gray Professor of Banking and Finance at The Hebrew University. He is a co-CEO of Sigma PCM, an investment banking firm. Galai has consulted for the Chicago Board Options Exchange and the American Stock Exchange, and for many major banks and corporations.
Robert M. Mark Ph.D., is the Chief Executive Officer of Black Diamond, which provides corporate governance, risk management consulting, and transaction services. He is the chairperson of The Professional Risk Managers' International Association's (PRMIA) Blue Ribbon Panel. He was awarded the Financial Risk Manager of the Year by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).
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