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Primeau Devine Felice. Goof-Proof Spelling

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Primeau Devine Felice. Goof-Proof Spelling
New York: LearningExpress, LLC, 2002. — 116 p.
Want to improve your spelling, but don't think you have the time? Think again! Most spelling mistakes are common, with a few dozen blunders accounting for the majority of all errors. These errors can be fixed quickly by learning the 25 Goof-Proof Rules. These 25 simple solutions, in conjunction with the pertinent word basics lessons found in this book, will have you spelling better in no time! Goof-Proof Spelling includes:
* A diagnostic test to assess your spelling skills and find out where your weaknesses lie.
* Word fundamentals lessons - Learn about roots, suffixes, prefixes, and all the essential basics.
* the 25 most common spelling goof-ups and how to avoid them.
* Mini-quizzes to test your skills as you work through the rules.
* tips for remembering how to spell the latest business, technology, and professional terms.
* special resources to improve your spelling, or get you out of a spelling jam.
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