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Vainshtein B.K. (ed.) Modern Crystallography. Volume 4. Physical Properties of Crystals

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Vainshtein B.K. (ed.) Modern Crystallography. Volume 4. Physical Properties of Crystals
Berlin, Springer, 1st ed., 1988. — 583 p. — ISBN: 978-3-642-81840-0, 978-3-642-81838-7
Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences, Vol. 37
Modern Crystallography
in Four Volumes
Fundamentals of Crystals. Symmetry, and Methods of Structural Crystallography
Structure of Crystals
Crystal Growth
Physical Properties of Crystals
Editorial Board:
B.K. Vainshtein (Editor-in-Chief), A.A. Chernov, L.A. Shuvalov
Physical Properties of Crystals
L.A. Shuvalov
Modern Crystallography IV is devoted to a systematic and up- to-date description of fundamental physical properties of solid and liquid crystals. These include elastic and mechanical, dielectric and ferroelectric, magnetic and optical properties, transport phenomena and spectroscopy. An important feature of the treatment is its use of the crystallographic approach, an introduction to which is given in the opening chapter of the book. The topics are treated at a level understandable to students who have two years of university physics. Researchers and engineers working on practical applications should also find the book useful, as should specialists in other fields who wish to broaden their knowledge of crystallography and materials science. The book is written by a group of leading scientists from the Institute of Crystallography of the USSR Academy of Sciences.
Fundamentals of Tensor and Symmetry Description of the Physical Properties of Crystals
Mechanical Properties of Crystals
Electrical Properties of Crystals
Magnetic Properties of Crystals
Semiconducting Crystals
Transport Phenomena in Crystals
Optical Properties of Crystals
Liquid Crystals
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