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Fragiadakis Helen Kalkstein. All Clear! Idioms in Context. Book 2

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Fragiadakis Helen Kalkstein. All Clear! Idioms in Context. Book 2
2nd edition. — Heinle & Heinle Publishers, 1992. — 178 p.
Considered by some as the best idioms books on the market, these enticing texts splash through the world of idioms with an irresistible charm! Each two-color book offers 8-12 units of theme-grouped idioms. Each idiom is introduced with a humorous illustration where needed, a clear definition, background on its origin, and sample sentences.
The idioms are then followed by mini-dialogues, dictations, pronunciation work, listening exercises, and discussion and writing tasks. After every few units there is a sensational review section filled with off-the-beaten path practices, from puzzles to tic-tac-toe! The audio components provide recordings of natural conversations and material for the listening exercises.
- Intro-High Beginning: The 8 lessons cover idioms used in "problem" situations, telephone conversations, in daily routines, in a restaurant, and more.
- Idioms in Context, Book 2-Intermediate: The 12 units offer a range of conversational situations for understanding and learning idioms. The idioms are introduced under themes like Please Leave a Message After You Hear the Beep, Are We Couch Potatoes? , Forgetting a Date, and Don't Throw it Away, Recycle!
- Advanced: The 10 lessons teach students to recognize and produce over 200 high-frequency idioms grouped under topics like Technology Today, Grappling with Computers, and Flying to a Distant Place, A bad Case of Jet Lag.
This successful program stresses an inductive approach to communicating effectively in English by recognizing and producing high frequency American idioms.
About the Author
For many years, Helen Kalkstein Fragiadakis jotted down high frequency expressions and idioms, and taped them to her fridge. As these slips of paper grew and grew, Helen arranged them into meaningful clusters, which became the basis for All Clear!
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