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Abakuks A. The Synoptic Problem and Statistics

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Abakuks A. The Synoptic Problem and Statistics
N.-Y.: Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2014. — 215 p.
See How to Use Statistics for New Testament Interpretation
The Synoptic Problem and Statistics lays the foundations for a new area of interdisciplinary research that uses statistical techniques to investigate the synoptic problem in New Testament studies, which concerns the relationships between the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. There are potential applications of the techniques to study other sets of similar documents.
Explore Hidden Markov Models for Textual Data
The book provides an introductory account of the synoptic problem and relevant theories, literature, and research at a level suitable for academic and professional statisticians. For those with no special interest in biblical studies or textual analysis, the book presents core statistical material on the use of hidden Markov models to analyze binary time series. Biblical scholars interested in the synoptic problem or in the use of statistical methods for textual analysis can omit the more technical/mathematical aspects of the book. The binary time series data sets and R code used are available on the author’s website.
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