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Krivovichev S.V. (Ed.) Minerals as Advanced Materials II

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Krivovichev S.V. (Ed.) Minerals as Advanced Materials II
Springer Heidelberg New York Dordrecht London, 2012. XI, 427p. 257 illus., 58 illus. in color. — ISBN 978-3-642-20017-5, e-ISBN 978-3-642-20018-2.
Contains numerous examples and ideas on new materials resulted from purely mineralogical research.
Unique interdisciplinary arena for discussing interactions between mineralogy and material science.
References to recent patents and papers that use mineralogical ormation for creation of new materials
This book is a collection of papers that are devoted to various aspects of interactions between mineralogy and material sciences. It will include reviews, perspective papers and original research papers on mineral nanostructures, biomineralization, micro- and nanoporous mineral phases as functional materials, physical and optical properties of minerals, etc. Many important materials that dominate modern technological development were known to mineralogists for hundreds of years, though their properties were not fully recognized. Mineralogy, on the other hand, needs new impacts for the further development in the line of modern scientific achievements such as bio- and nanotechnologies as well as by the understanding of a deep role that information plays in the formation of natural structures and definition of natural processes. It is the idea of this series of books to provide an arena for interdisciplinary discussion on minerals as advanced materials.
Content Level » Professional/practitioner
Keywords » biomineralization - material sciences - micro- and nanoporous solids - mineralogy -natural nanostructures
Related subjects » Chemistry - Environmental Science & Engineering - Geology - Inorganic Chemistry - Nanotechnology - Special types of Materials
Table of Contents
Case Studies of Minerals which became Advanced Materials
The actinide borates: A new impact on nuclear fuel conversion
Ferroic walls and potential applications
Determination of "unsolvable" structures of minerals
Evaluation of the long-term performance of potential nuclear waste form materials: A mineralogical and experimental approach
Microporous materials used in energy storage and energy conversion
Heat capacity, entropy, and magnetic properties of jarosite-group compounds
New insights into the ultra–fast synthesis of negative-thermal-expansion framework materials
Geo-Inspired Phosphors Based on Rare-Earth Metal(III) Fluorides with Complex Oxoanions
Rare-Earth Metal(III) Fluoride Oxosilicates Derivatized with Alkali or Alkaline- Earth Elements
High-temperature piezoelectric materials - the renaissance of tourmaline
Probing the Lattice Dynamics of Minerals with Inelastic X‐ray Scattering.
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