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Lu Y. (Ed.) A History of Chinese Science and Technology. Volume 3

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Lu Y. (Ed.) A History of Chinese Science and Technology. Volume 3
Springer Heidelberg New York Dordrecht London, 2015. XV, 624 p. 420 illus. — ISBN 978-3-662-44162-6, ISBN 978-3-662-44163-3 (eBook).
The most authoritative book on the history of Chinese Science and Technology by Chinese scholars, reflecting the progress of the field in past 30 years
Chief Editor and contributors are all top Chinese scholars in related fields
Winner of China Book Award, Shanghai Book Award (1st prize), Winner of Classical China
International Publishing Project (GAPP, General Administration of Press and Publication of China)
A History of Chinese Science and Technology (Voulumes 1, 2 & 3) presents 44 individual lectures, beginning with Ancient Chinese Science and Technology in the Process of Human Civilizationsand An Overview of Ancient Chinese Science and Technology, and continuing with in-depth discussions of several issues in the history of science and the Needham Puzzle, interspersed with topics on Astronomy, Arithmetic, Agriculture, and Medicine, The Four Great Inventions, and various technological areas closely related to clothing, food, shelter, and transportation. This book is the most authoritative work on the history of Chinese Science and Technology. It is the Winner of the China Book Award, the Shanghai Book Award (1st prize), and the China Classics International (State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of The People’s Republic of China) and offers an essential resource for academic researchers and non-experts alike.

It originated with a series of 44 lectures presented to top Chinese leaders, which received very positive feedback. Written by top Chinese scholars in their respective fields from the Institute for the History of Nature Sciences, Chinese Academic Sciences and many other respected Chinese organizations, the book is intended for scientists, researchers and postgraduate students working in the history of science, philosophy of science and technology, and related disciplines.

Yongxiang Lu is a professor, former president and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Content Level » Research
Keywords » Ceramics Technology - Communication Technology - History of Chinese Science and Technology - Military Technology - Mining and Metallurgical Technology - Needham Puzzle -The Four Great Inventions - Water Conservancy Technology
Related subjects » Epistemology & Philosophy of Science - History of Science
Table of Contents
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