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U.S. Army Survival Handbook

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U.S. Army Survival Handbook
Washington: Department of the Army, 2002. - 676p.
As a soldier, you can be sent to any area of the world at a moment's notice. It may be in a temperate, tropical, arctic, or subarctic region. You might expect to have your personal equipment and your unit or other members of your unit with you wherever you go, but there is no guarantee, however, that this will be so. You could find yourself alone in a remote area-possibly enemy territory-with little or no personal gear. The U.S. Army Survival Handbook provides vital information and describes the basic techniques to enable you to survive and return alive should you find yourself in such a situation.This book is widely recognized as the finest single source on the subject of survival. It is utilized by Special Operations Forces and pilots, and has also been translated for use in foreign militaries the world over. But this handbook is not just for soldiers. Civilians have discovered this detailed compilation to be a tremendously interesting and important addition to their home libraries, cars, and RVs. The U.S. Army Survival Handbook describes and clearly illustrates a wide array of topics, including - The Will to Survive - Survival Planning - Survival Medicine - Weapons and Tools - Water Procurement - Wild Plants for Food - Wildlife for Food - Shelter - Firebuilding - Water Crossings - Direction Finding - Signaling - Desert Survival - Tropical Survival - Arctic and Subarctic Survival - Sea Survival - Poisonous Snakes - Knots - Climate - Weather - And much more.An outstanding resource for any individual interested in self-reliance in any type of environment on the planet, the U.S. Army Survival Handbook is a concise and in depth reference, with a wealth of excellent black and white photographs and detailed illustrations which help to make it an easy and informative read.
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