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Ekstrom M.P. (ed.) Digital Image Processing Techniques

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Ekstrom M.P. (ed.) Digital Image Processing Techniques
Издательство Academic Press, 1984, -383 pp.
The evolution of increasingly sophisticated digital image processing algorithms has been a concurrent and complementary element. In this regard, a sort of ''push-pull" relationship has existed between the processor hardware and algorithm development components: As processor capabilities have expanded, new algorithms have been developed to exploit their capabilities (and vice versa). The variety of algorithms considered is extensive, reflecting the variety of applications mentioned above. Contributions have been made from many disciplines including digital signal processing, computer science, statistical communications theory, control systems, and applied physics.
Our objective in preparing this volume is to provide a state-of-the-art review of digital image processing techniques, with an emphasis on the processing approaches and their associated algorithms. We have approached this by considering a canonical set of image processing problems. While this set is not all-inclusive, it does represent the class of functions typically required in most image processing applications. It also represents a reasonably accurate cross section of the literature presently being published in this field.
Image Enhancement
Image Restoration
Image Detection and Estimation
Image Reconstruction from Projections
Image Data Compression
Image Spectral Estimation
Image Analysis
Image Processing Systems
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