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Шпоры по лексикологии английского языка

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Шпоры по лексикологии английского языка
The Object of Lexicology. General Lexicology and Special Lexicology!
Celtic borrowings in English. Date them and give examples.
Words introduced into English Vocabulary during the period of Christianization.
Semantic structure of English words.
Classification of Suffixes.
What are the characteristic features of Scandinavian borrowings? Give examples.
Theory of the Word. Definitions.
S.Morphological Structure of English Words.
Descriptive Lexicology.
Semasiology. Semasiology or Semantics?
Prefixes. Valency.
What are the characteristic features of words borrowed into English during the Renaissance?
The Lexical Meaning of the word and its Semantic Structure.
What Suffixes and Prefixes can help you to recognize the words of Latin and
French origin?
Why are words borrowed and which conditions stimulate the borrowing
Stages of Assimilation of the borrowed words.
Morphemes. Free and Bound MorphemesJi
Connotations. The Emotional Content!
Denotative Meaning of a word.
Productive and Non-productive affixes.
Significative Meaning. Grammatical Meaning.
Aims and principles of Morphemic and Word-formation Analysis. Immediate constituents. Composition.
Give the examples of Etymologic Doublet.
Semantic Components.
The Lexical Meaning and the Notion- Types of Semantic Components
distinguished within the Meaning.
n what spheres of communication do International words frequently occurl
Compound words. The Criteria of Compounds. Classification of Compounds.
Derivational and Functional Affixes.
What are the characteristic features of Translation Loans?
Connection of Lexicology with Phonetics, Stylistics and Grammar.
Shortening (contraction). Give the definition and examples.
Minor types of Modem word-building. Reduplication. Back-formation. Conversion.
Semafttic change of a word. Semantic triangle.
Find the dominant Synonyms in the groups: to astonish-to amaze-to surprise-tot astound; to glimmer-to glisten-to blaze-to shine-to sparkle-to flash.
Classify the following synonyms according to degree: gratify, please, exalt, content, satisfy, delight.
Theoretical and practical value of Lexicology.
Etymology of English words. Etymological structure of the English Vocabulary.
What is Phraseology?
Synonyms. Definition. Sources of Synonymy.
What is the earliest group of English borrowings? Date it.
Definitions of phraseology by Russian, British and the USA scholars.
Explain the reasons of immense number of foreign origin wordsjn Englisb
Change of meaning. Widening and Narrowing of the meaning.
Homonyms. Phonetic coincidence or semantic differentiation?
Lexicography. Definition. Types of Dictionaries.
Give the examples of Latin Affixes.
Change of Meaning. "Degradation" and "Elevation’’
Give the examples of Latin Prefixes.
Explain when and under what circumstances did England become a bi-lingual country?
Transference Based on Resemblance (Similarity)
Transference Based on Contiguity.
Date the following borrowings: "bishop", "monk", "nun", "candle". From what language did they come?
Give the examples of French Affixes
Which types of Composition are Productive in Modem English? How can demonstrate.
Types of transference!
nternational words.
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