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Johnson George. The ten most beautiful experiments

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Johnson George. The ten most beautiful experiments
New York, Random House, Inc., 2008 - 212 P.
A dazzling, irresistible collection of the ten most ground-breaking and beautiful experiments in scientific history.
With the attention to detail of a historian and the story-telling ability of a novelist, New York Times science writer George Johnson celebrates these groundbreaking experiments and re-creates a time when the world seemed filled with mysterious forces and scientists were in awe of light, electricity, and the human body. Here, we see Galileo staring down gravity, Newton breaking apart light, and Pavlov studying his now famous dogs. This is science in its most creative, hands-on form, when ingenuity of the mind is the most useful tool in the lab and the rewards of a well-considered experiment are on elegant display.
Galileo: the way things really move.
William Harvey: mysteries of the hart.
Isaac Newton: what a color is.
Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier: the farmer's daughter.
Luigi Galvani: animal electricity.
Michael Faraday: something deeply hidden.
James Joule: how the world works.
A.A. Michelson: lost in Space.
Ivan Pavlov: measuring the immeasurable.
Robert Millikan: in the Borderland.
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