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Parker M., Dhanani S. Digital Video Processing for Engineers. A Foundation for Embedded Systems Design

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Parker M., Dhanani S. Digital Video Processing for Engineers. A Foundation for Embedded Systems Design
Издательство Newnes, 2013, -223 pp.
Any device or system with imaging functionality requires a digital video processing solution as part of its embedded system design. Engineers need a practical guide to technology basics and design fundamentals that enables them to deliver the video component of complex projects.
This book introduces core video processing concepts and standards, and delivers practical how-to guidance for engineers embarking on digital video processing designs using FPGAs. It covers the basic topics of video processing in a pictorial, intuitive manner with minimal use of mathematics. Key outcomes and benefits of this book for users include: understanding the concepts and challenges of modern video systems; architect video systems at a system level; reference design examples to implement your own high definition video processing chain; understand implementation trade-offs in video system designs.
Video processing is a must-have skill for engineers working on products and solutions for rapidly growing markets such as video surveillance, video conferencing, medical imaging, military imaging, digital broadcast equipment, displays and countless consumer electronics applications.
This book is for engineers who need to develop video systems in their designs but who do not have video processing experience. It introduces the fundamental video processing concepts and skills in enough detail to get the job done, supported by reference designs, step-by-step FPGA-examples, core standards and systems architecture maps.
Written by lead engineers at Altera Corp, a top-three global developer of digital video chip (FPGA) technology.
Video in the Modern World
Introduction to Video Processing
Sampling and Aliasing
Introduction to Digital Filtering
Video Scaling
Video Deinterlacing
Alpha Blending
Sensor Processing for Image Sensors
Video Interfaces
Video Rotation
Entropy, Predictive Coding and Quantization
Frequency Domain Representation
Image Compression Fundamentals
Video Compression Fundamentals
From MPEG to H.264 Videocompression
Video Noise and Compression Artifacts
Video Modulation and Transport
Video over IP
Segmentation and Focus
Memory Considerations When Building a Video Processing Design
Debugging FPGA-based Video Systems
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