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Panini S.R. Medical Biochemistry - An Illustrated Review

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Panini S.R. Medical Biochemistry - An Illustrated Review
Thieme, 2013. - 441 p. - (epub, mobi). - "Medical Biochemistry - An Illustrated Review" is the perfect study tool for students taking biochemistry courses or preparing for the USMLE. The biochemical principles in this book are structured and presented in a manner that allows for easy learning and review of key concepts and clear understanding of their connections to clinical conditions and other basic science subjects (e.g., physiology, pathology, and pharmacology).
This book includes more than 200 full-color illustrations of biochemical pathways and systems that were designed specifically to meet the high-yield learning needs of medical students. Key features of these illustrations include the use of easily identifiable color-coded symbols that, for critical enzymes, highlight their modes of regulation, sensitivities to pharmacological agents, and associated clinical disorders.
The 400+ color-coded correlation boxes serve to connect key biochemical concepts with the other basic sciences and clinical conditions. The collection of 400 factual and USMLE-style questions (with full explanatory answers) available on WinkingSkull.com (200 of which are included in the book) are important tools for students to test their knowledge of the basic biochemical concepts and their ability to apply this knowledge in identifying and solving clinical problems.
All of the individuals involved in the publication of Medical Biochemistry – An Illustrated Review were united by a common goal which was to make concepts in biochemistry unintimidating, clinically relevant, and interesting.
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