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Harper G.D.J. Fuel Cell Projects for the Evil Genius

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Harper G.D.J. Fuel Cell Projects for the Evil Genius
McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics, New York, Серия: Evil Genius, 2008, 196 pages, ISBN: 978-0071496599
Go green as you amass power! Fuel Cell Projects for the Evil Genius broadens your knowledge of this important, rapidly developing technology and shows you how to build practical, environmentally conscious projects using the three most popular and widely accessible fuel cells!
In Fuel Cell Projects for the Evil Genius, high-tech guru Gavin Harper gives you everything you need to conduct practical experiments and build energizing fuel cell projects. You'll find complete, easy-to-follow plans that feature clear diagrams and schematics, as well as:
Instructions for fascinating sustainable energy projects, complete…
Explanations of how fuel cells work and why the hydrogen economy will impact our lives in the near future
Frustration-factor removal-all the needed parts are listed, along with sources
Science fair project ideas that are on the cutting edge of the latest technological developments
Fuel Cell Projects for the Evil Genius gives you complete plans, instructions, parts lists, and sources to:
Understand how hydrogen could meet our energy needs in a post-carbon economy
Build a fuel cell car to race against your friends
Build an intelligent fuel cell car which autonomously drives
Build a simple fuel cell using adhesive bandages
Hydrogen fuel your iPod
Have a hydrogen barbecue-cook your food with zero carbon emissions!
Discover how the amounts of hydrogen supplied to fuel cells affect the amounts of electricity produced
History of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
The Hydrogen Economy
Producing Hydrogen
Hydrogen Storage
Platinum Fuel Cells
Alkaline Fuel Cells
PEM Fuel Cells
Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
Microbial Fuel Cells
High-Temperature Fuel Cells
Hydrogen Safety
Hydrogen Transport
More Fun with Hydrogen!
Fuel Cell Competitions
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