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Berlitz Japanese Language in 30 Days. Phrase Dictionary and Study Guide

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Аудиокурс «Японский язык за 30 дней».
In this course you will find the basic phrases needed for communication in Japanese. There are two important things to remember about learning a new language:
Be interested in the people, their country and language.
Want to learn the language.
Practice it as often as you can.
Nothing is more effective in creating a friendly atmosphere and nothing flatters people more than when a foreigner tries to speak their language.
The voice on the recording will say a phrase in English. Then you will hear the translation of the phrase repeated twice. During the рause after the second repetition, repeat the phrase aloud. Try to imitate the pronunciation as nearly as you can. Read the words as they are spoken on the recording and use the guide to help you remember the words and pronounce them during the pauses. Remember, knowing the language is the best way of knowing the country and enjoying tt more.
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