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McCrea B. The Home Buyer's Question and Answer Book

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McCrea B. The Home Buyer's Question and Answer Book
New York: AMACOM (American Management Association), 2004. — 240 p. — ISBN-10 0814472362; ISBN-13 9780814472361.
Buying a home is not only about leaving the ranks of renters (or those living with their family or roommates); it’s also about making an investment in something that will grow in value as you maintain and improve it, allowing you to ‘‘move up’’ in a few years to a larger home, or if you prefer, hold on to this one for as long as you like.
Depending on what stage of the game you’re at, this book can either answer specific questions or help you through the entire process, from the time you visit your first open house until moving day.
Home Buying
Common Questions About the Homebuying Process
Nailing Down the Finances
The House Hunt
The Homebuying Process
Multifamily Housing Options
Make Your Offer and Negotiate Contract Terms
Put the Homebuying Gears in Motion
Sealing the Deal
Securing Your Mortgage Loan
The Home Buyer’s Legal Rights
The Closing Process
Post-Sale Concerns
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