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Cottrell A. An Introduction to Metallurgy

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Cottrell A. An Introduction to Metallurgy
Second Edition.
The Institute of Materials, London, 1995. 548 p.
Because of their great practical value and scientific interest, metals lie at the cross-roads of many scientific and technological disciplines. Chemists are interested in the oxidation and reduction of metals, the catalytic properties of metals and the laws by which metals combine together to form alloys. Chemical engineers apply their general principles of chemical processing to the production of pure metals from ores. Solid-state physicists are fascinated by the electronic and atomic structures of metals and by the ways in which these structures determine the characteristic properties of metals and alloys. Mechanical engineers are interested in the plastic working of metals, structural engineers in the mechanical performance of metals in practical use, and electrical engineers in all the special electrical and magnetic properties obtainable from metallic materials.
This book shows metallurgy as a single applied science. This has meant developing the science as a continuous thread running through the subject, from atomic theory, through thermodynamics, reaction kinetics and crystal physics, to elasticity and plasticity, but stopping at all suitable places to show how the characteristic features of metals, alloys, and the processes of practical metallurgy, such as extraction, refining, casting, working, and heat-treatment, grow out of this science. The book has been aimed, however, at those who are at the beginning of their metallurgical studies.
The Atomic Nucleus.
Atomic Structure.
Chemical Bonding.
Heat and Energy.
Entropy and Free Energy.
Free Energies of Metallic Compounds.
Extraction of Metals.
Electrochemical Extraction and Refining Processes.
Extraction of Reactive and Refractory Metals.
Iron and Steel Making.
Kinetics of Metallurgical Reactions.
Solids, Liquids and Solidification.
The Phase Diagram.
Ternary Phase Diagrams.
Metal Crystals-I Periodicity.
Metal Crystals-II Directionality.
Metal Crystals-III Energies and Processes.
Heat-treatment of Alloys.
Mechanical Properties.
Plastic Working.
Oxidation and Corrosion.
Electronic Structure and Properties.
Properties and Uses.
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