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Keelan B.W. Handbook of Image Quality. Characterization and Prediction

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Keelan B.W. Handbook of Image Quality. Characterization and Prediction
Издательство Marcel Dekker, 2002, -537 pp.
With 300 figures, tables, and equations, this book presents a unified approach to image quality research and modeling. The author discusses the results of different, calibrated psychometric experiments can be rigorously integrated to construct predictive software using Monte Carlo simulations and provides numerous examples of viable field applications for product design and verification of modeling predictions. He covers perceptual measurements for the assessment of individual quality attributes and overall quality, explores variation in scene susceptibility, observer sensitivity, and preference, and includes methods of analysis for testing and refining metrics based on psychometric data.
Part I: Characterization of Quality
Can Image Quality Be Usefully Quantified?
The Probabilistic Nature of Perception
Just Noticeable Differences
Quantifying Preference
Properties of Ideal Interval and Ratio Scales
Establishing Image Quality Standards
Calibrated Psychometrics Using Quality Rulers
Practical Implementation of Quality Rulers
A General Equation to Fit Quality Loss Functions
Scene and Observer Variability
Predicting Overall Quality from Image Attributes
Part II: Design of Objective Metrics
Overview of Objective Metric Properties
Testing Objective Metrics Using Psychometric Data
A Detailed Example of Objective Metric Design
Weighting Attributes that Vary Across an Image
Analysis of Multi-Attribute Experiments
Attribute Interaction Terms in Objective Metrics
Attributes Having Multiple Perceptual Facets
Image-Specific Factors in Objective Metrics
Preference in Color and Tone Reproduction
Quantifying Color/Tone Effects in Perceptual Space
Part III: Modeling System Quality
Propagating Key Measures through Imaging Systems
Parametric Estimation of Key Measures
Development of Measurement Protocols
Integrated System Modeling Software
Examples of Capability Analyses
Photospace Coverage Metrics
Monte Carlo Simulation of System Performance
Interpreting Quality Distributions
Examples of Performance Calculations
Verification of Performance Predictions
Definition of Acronyms and Symbols
Sample Quality Ruler Instructions
The Integrated Hyperbolic Increment Function
Sample Help Screen
Useful Optical Formulas and Photospace Coverage
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