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Reif K. Gasoline Engine Management: Systems and Components

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Reif K. Gasoline Engine Management: Systems and Components
Springer Vieweg, 2015. IX, 354 p. 336 illus. in color. — (Bosch Professional Automotive Information).
Cylinder-charge control and injection systems in all details
Components for injection and ignition in comprehensive information
Explanation of emission-control and diagnostic systems
The call for environmentally compatible and economical vehicles necessitates immense efforts to develop innovative engine concepts. Technical concepts such as gasoline direct injection helped to save fuel up to 20 % and reduce CO2-emissions. Descriptions of the cylinder-charge control, fuel injection, ignition and catalytic emission-control systems provides comprehensive overview of today´s gasoline engines. This book also describes emission-control systems and explains the diagnostic systems. The publication provides information on engine-management-systems and emission-control regulations.
History of the automobile.- Basics of the gasoline engine.- Fuels.- Cylinder-charge control systems.- Gasoline injection systems over the years.- Fuel supply.- Manifold fuel injection.- Gasoline direct injection.- Operation of gasoline engines on natural gas.- Ignition systems over the years.- Inductive ignition systems.- Ignition coils.- Spark plugs.- Electronic control.- Sensors.- Electronic control unit.- Exhaust emissions.- Catalytic emission control.- Emission control legislation.- Exhaust-gas measuring techniques.- Diagnosis.- Development of the electronic control unit.
The target groups
Motor-vehicle technicians in education and vocational training
Master-mechanics and technicians in garage-workshops
Teachers and lecturers in vocational schools
Students at universities and technical colleges
And all those interested in automotive engineering
About the Bosch Group
Bosch is the world´s largest independent supplier of parts and equipment for motor vehicles. Innovations by Bosch have shaped the development of the automobile. Bosch´s dominant technological role in many fields is demonstrated by the fact that it has the most patent applications in automotive engineering in Germany, to the European Patent Office and in the USA.
Content Level » Professional/practitioner
Keywords » Diagnosis - Emission control - Gasoline injection - History - Ignition systems - Spark plugs
Related subjects » Kraftfahrzeugtechnik
Table of Contents
History of the automobile
Basics of the gasoline engine
Fuels.- Cylinder-charge control systems
Gasoline injection systems over the years
Fuel supply
Manifold fuel injection.- Gasoline direct injection
Operation of gasoline engines on natural gas
Ignition systems over the years
Inductive ignition systems
Ignition coils
Spark plugs
Electronic control
Electronic control unit
Exhaust emissions
Catalytic emission control
Emission control legislation
Exhaust-gas measuring techniques
Development of the electronic control unit.
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