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Bonora N., Brown E. (editors). Numerical modeling of materials under extreme conditions

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Bonora N., Brown E. (editors). Numerical modeling of materials under extreme conditions
Springer, 2014. 230 p.
The book presents twelve state of the art contributions in the field of numerical modeling of materials subjected to large strain, high strain rates, large pressure and high stress triaxialities, organized into two sections. The first part is focused on high strain rate-high pressures such as those occurring in impact dynamics and shock compression related phenomena, dealing with material response identification, advanced modeling incorporating microstructure and damage, stress waves propagation in solids and structures response under impact. The latter part is focused on large strain-low strain rates applications such as those occurring in technological material processing, dealing with microstructure and texture evolution, material response at elevated temperatures, structural behavior under large strain and multiaxial state of stress.
Particulate composites under high strain rate and shock loading
FEM modelling of the continuous combined drawing and rolling process for severe plastic deformation of metallic materials
Simulation of thermal and electrical transport in nanotube and nanowire composites
Thermo-mechanical modelling of high energy particle beam impacts
Modeling of high velocity impact in sandwich beams with FGM core
Multiscale modeling of the effect of very large strain on the microstructure evolution and ductility of microalloyed steels
Mechanical bhaviour of Al 6061-T6 aluminium alloy under large strain and failure
An improved finite element model for numerical simulation of phase changes of iron under extreme conditions
Performance of hyperelastic material laws in simulating biaxial deformation Response of polypropylene and high impact polystyrene
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