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Soldiers of the Queen 2012 №148

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Soldiers of the Queen 2012 №148
Newbury: The Victorian Military Society, 2012. - 35 pgs. The Victorian Military Society was founded in 1974 to foster interest in military aspects of the Victorian period, as extended to 1914 to include the campaigns of the early part of the twentieth century. The VMS is principally concerned with the forces of the British Empire and its adversaries, but does not exclude other armies. Research is encouraged and is published in the quarterly journal, Soldiers of the Queen.
The British Clausewitz: Spenser Wilkinson
A war on two fronts: Problems and politics in British logistics in the Boer War
The Antecedents of the Army Ordnance Corps
Travellers and scholars: Georgina Muir Mackenzie and Adeline Paulina Irby
Vignettes of Victoria's Generals: Lieutenant General Sir James Outram
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