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Lerner N. A Course on Integration Theory

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Lerner N. A Course on Integration Theory
Publisher: Birkhäuser; 2014 edition (February 25, 2014), Paperback: 492 pages, ISBN-10: 3034806930 ISBN-13: 978-3034806930
This textbook provides a detailed treatment of abstract integration theory, construction of the Lebesgue measure via the Riesz-Markov Theorem and also via the Carathéodory Theorem. It also includes some elementary properties of Hausdorff measures as well as the basic properties of spaces of integrable functions and standard theorems on integrals depending on a parameter. Integration on a product space, change-of-variables formulas as well as the construction and study of classical Cantor sets are treated in detail. Classical convolution inequalities, such as Young's inequality and Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev inequality, are proven. Further topics include the Radon-Nikodym theorem, notions of harmonic analysis, classical inequalities and interpolation theorems including Marcinkiewicz's theorem, and the definition of Lebesgue points and the Lebesgue differentiation theorem.
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