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Bakunin O.G. Chaotic Flows: Correlation Effects, Transport, and Structures

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Bakunin O.G. Chaotic Flows: Correlation Effects, Transport, and Structures
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2011, 351 pages, ISBN 10: 3642203493
The book introduces readers to and summarizes the current ideas and theories about the basic mechanisms for transport in chaotic flows. Typically no single paradigmatic approach exists as this topic is relevant for fields as diverse as plasma physics, geophysical flows and various branches of engineering. Accordingly, the dispersion of matter in chaotic or turbulent flows is analyzed from different perspectives. Partly based on lecture courses given by the author, this book addresses both graduate students and researchers in search of a high-level but approachable and broad introduction to the topic.
Diffusion and Correlations
Advection and Transport
The Langevin Equation and Transport
Lagrangian Description
Lagrangian Description of Chaotic Flows
Lagrangian Chaos
Phenomenological Models
Correlation Effects and Transport Equations
The Taylor Shear Dispersion
Fractals and Anomalous Transport
Fractal Objects and Scaling
Random Shear Flows and Correlations
Structures and Nonlocal Effects
Transport and Complex Structures
Fractional Models of Anomalous Transport
Isotropic Turbulence and Scaling
Isotropic Turbulence and Spectra
Turbulence and Scalar
Relative Diffusion and Scaling
Two-Dimensional Turbulence and Transport
Convection and Scaling
Convection and Rayleigh Number
Convection and Turbulence
Structures and Complex Flow Topology
Coherent Structures and Transport
Flow Topology Reconstruction and Transport
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