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Reed S. Essential Physiological Biochemistry: An Organ-Based Approach

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Reed S. Essential Physiological Biochemistry: An Organ-Based Approach
Wiley, 2009. - 344 p. - This text provides a fresh, accessible introduction to human metabolism that shows how the physiological actions of selected organs can be explained by their particular biochemical processes. Focusing on metabolic integration, rather than pathways, this book opens with three introductory chapters that explore the principles of metabolism and its control before moving onto ‘themed’ chapters that investigate liver, communication systems (endocrine and neurological), blood and vascular system, muscle and adipose tissue and renal biochemistry.
Targeted at non-biochemistry majors who need to get to grips with key biochemical concepts and ideas, this textbook is an essential guide for all undergraduate biomedical science, sports science, nutrition and other allied health students.
Key features:
- A fresh, accessible primer that adopts a unique, organ-system based approach to human metabolism.
- Assumes only a basic understanding of chemistry.
- Chapters are arranged specifically to enable readers to grasp key concepts and to aid understanding.
- Some chapters include ‘Case Notes, illustrating key aspects of metabolism in cells, tissues and organs.
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