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Akulin V.M. Dynamics of Complex Quantum Systems

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Akulin V.M. Dynamics of Complex Quantum Systems
2nd ed. - Springer, 2014. - 677 pp.
This book gathers together a range of similar problems that can be encountered in different fields of modern quantum physics and that have common features with regard to multilevel quantum systems. The main motivation was to examine from a uniform standpoint various models and approaches that have been developed in atomic, molecular, condensed matter, chemical, laser and nuclear physics in various contexts. The book should help senior-level undergraduate, graduate students and researchers putting particular problems in these fields into a broader scientific context and thereby taking advantage of well-established techniques used in adjacent fields.
This second edition has been expanded to include substantial new material (e.g. new sections on Dynamic Localization and on Euclidean Random Matrices and new chapters on Entanglement, Open Quantum Systems, and Coherence Protection). It is based on the author’s lectures at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, at the CNRS Aimé Cotton Laboratory, and on other courses he has given over the last two decades.
Complex Systems and Their Statistical Description.
Examples of Complex Systems.
Two-Level and Level–Band Systems.
Two-Band System.
Soluble Time-Dependent Systems.
Time-Dependent Complex Systems.
The Dynamics of One-Dimensional Relay-Type Systems.
Composite Complex Quantum Systems.
Spectra of Complex Systems.
Entangled States of Composite Quantum Systems.
Dynamics and Entanglement for Open Quantum Systems.
Coherence Protection and Control Over Complex Quantum Systems.
Bibliography and Problems.
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