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Hunt A., Ewing R., Ghanbarian B. Percolation Theory for Flow in Porous Media

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Hunt A., Ewing R., Ghanbarian B. Percolation Theory for Flow in Porous Media
3rd edition, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 2014, 447 pages, ISBN: 3319037706
This monograph presents, for the first time, a unified and comprehensive introduction to some of the basic transport properties of porous media, such as electrical and hydraulic conductivity, air permeability and diffusion. The approach is based on critical path analysis and the scaling of transport properties, which are individually described as functions of saturation. At the same time, the book supplies a tutorial on percolation theory for hydrologists, providing them with the tools for solving actual problems. In turn, a separate chapter serves to introduce physicists to some of the language and complications of groundwater hydrology necessary for successful modeling. The end-of-chapter problems often indicate open questions, which young researchers entering the field can readily start working on.
This significantly revised and expanded third edition includes in particular two new chapters: one on advanced fractal-based models, and one devoted to the discussion of various open issues such as the role of diffusion vs. advection, preferential flow vs. critical path, universal vs. non-universal exponents for conduction, and last but not least, the overall influence of the experimental apparatus in data collection and theory validation.
Percolation Theory: Topology and Structure
Properties Relevant for Transport and Transport Applications
Porous Media Primer for Physicists
Fractal Models of Porous Media
Specific Examples of Critical Path Analysis
Hydraulic and Electrical Conductivity: Conductivity Exponents and Critical Path Analysis
Other Transport Properties of Porous Media
Pressure Saturation Curves and the Critical Volume Fraction for Percolation: Accessibility Function of Percolation Theory
Applications of the Correlation Length: Scale Effects on Flow
Applications of the Cluster Statistics
Properties Based on Tortuosity
Effects of Multi-scale Heterogeneity
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