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Sugrue James. Beginning Backbone.js

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Sugrue James. Beginning Backbone.js
Apress, 2013. — 304 p. — ISBN-13: 978-1-4302-6334-0.
Beginning Backbone.js is your step-by-step guide to learning and using the Backbone.js library in your web projects. Backbone.js is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries among web developers, used to create modular, single-page web apps. This book takes you from downloading Backbone.js and its dependencies all the way to using more advanced libraries to structure your application architecture, and everything in between.
With a real-world, practical approach, you will learn how you can integrate Backbone.js into the center of your JavaScript stack, and create scalable applications. James Sugrue shows you how to implement all aspects of templating, work efficiently with RequireJS, and fully understand Grunt and all its plug-ins. Armed with this knowledge you'll be able to architect a continuous integration system that is key to real-world applications.
An Introduction To Backbone.js.
Getting Object-Oriented.
Backbone.js Model, View, and Collections.
Templating with Underscore, Handlebars, and Mustache.
Backbone.js Routers and Events.
Backbone.js Start To Finish: Twitter App Example.
The Backbone Ecosystem.
Testing Your Backbone.js Application.
Using Grunt for Your Build Process.
Extending Backbone.js with Marionnette.
Best Practices With Backbone.js.
Creating A Manageable JavaScript Codebase.
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