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Hopkins B. Resources for Teaching Discrete Mathematics

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Hopkins B. Resources for Teaching Discrete Mathematics
Mathematical Association, 2008. — 323 p. — ISBN: 0883851849, 9780883851845
This book collects the work of thirty-five instructors who share their innovations and insights about teaching discrete mathematics. Whether you teach at the college or high school level; whether your students are from mathematics, computer science, or engineering; whether you emphasize logic, proof, counting, graph theory, or applications, you will find resources in this book to supplement your discrete mathematics course.
Nineteen classroom-tested projects, eleven history modules drawing on original sources, and five articles address a wide range of topics reflecting the breadth of content and audiences in various discrete mathematics courses. A sampling of topics includes building a geodesic dome, working with excerpts of Pascal's Treatise on the Arithmetical Triangle; applying discrete mathematics to biology and chemistry, and using logic in encouraging students to construct proofs.
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