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Brown L.A. Statistical Process Control, Reference Manual

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Brown L.A. Statistical Process Control, Reference Manual
GM-Ford-Chrysler, 1995 – 160 p. - This Reference Manual was prepared by the quality and supplier assessment staffs at Chrysler, Ford and General Motors, working under the auspices of the Automotive Division of the American Society for Quality Control Supplier Quality Requirements Task Force, in collaboration with the Automotive Industry Action Group. This Reference Manual can be used by any supplier to develop information responding to the requirements of either Chrysler’s, Ford’s or General Motors’ supplier assessment systems.
Until now, there has been no unified formal approach in the automotive industry on statistical process control. Certain manufacturers provided methods for their suppliers, while others had no specific requirements. In an effort to simplify and minimize variation in supplier quality requirements, Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors agreed to develop and, through AIAG, distribute this manual. The work team responsible for the Manual’s content was led by Leonard A. Brown of General Motors.
The manual should be considered an introduction to statistical process control. It is not intended to limit evolution of statistical methods suited to particular processes or commodities nor is it intended to be comprehensive of all SPC techniques. Questions on the use of alternate methods should be referred to your customer’s quality activity.
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