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Naoum S. People and Organisational Management in Construction

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Naoum S. People and Organisational Management in Construction
ICE Publishing, 2011. — 284 p. — 2nd ed. — ISBN: 0727741519, 9780727741516
People are at the heart of any successful organization and a good understanding how they interact is an essential ingredient for an organization's success. This popular book provides a systematic approach to people and organizational management, highlighting the importance of the managerial and social functions in affecting the attitude and behaviour of people at work. People and organisational management in construction applies management principles specifically to the construction industry. Blending theory with practice, using case studies drawn from the industry, each of the core management topics relevant to the industry are covered, including: management theory; strategy; organization structure and design; culture, leadership and power; personnel development, and ways in which construction organizations can improve their performance and effectiveness addressed.
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