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Gunter Carl A., Mitchell John C. (Editors). Theoretical Aspects of Object-oriented Programming: Types, Semantics and Language Design

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Gunter Carl A., Mitchell John C. (Editors). Theoretical Aspects of Object-oriented Programming: Types, Semantics and Language Design
The MIT Press. Cambridge, Massachusetts; London, England. 1994. 558 pages. (Foundations of Computing) ISBN: 026207155X, 0262526328
Although the theory of object-oriented programming languages is far from complete, this book brings together the most important contributions to its development to date, focusing in particular on how advances in type systems and semantic models can contribute to new language designs.The fifteen chapters are divided into five parts: Objects and Subtypes, Type Inference, Coherence, Record Calculi, and Inheritance. The chapters are organized approximately in order of increasing complexity of the programming language constructs they consider - beginning with variations on Pascal- and Algol-like languages, developing the theory of illustrative record object models, and concluding with research directions for building a more comprehensive theory of object-oriented programming languages.Part I discusses the similarities and differences between "objects" and algebraic-style abstract data types, and the fundamental concept of a subtype. Parts II-IV are concerned with the "record model" of object-oriented languages. Specifically, these chapters discuss static and dynamic semantics of languages with simple object models that include a type or class hierarchy but do not explicitly provide what is often called dynamic binding. Part V considers extensions and modifications to record object models, moving closer to the full complexity of practical object-oriented languages.
Objects and Subtypes
User-Defined Types and Procedural Data Structures as Complementary Approaches to Data Abstraction
Using Category Theory to Design Implicit Conversions and Generic Operators
Type Inference
Type Inference for Records in a Natural Extension of ML
Type Inference for Objects with Instance Variables and Inheritance
Static Type Inference for Parametric Classes
A Modest Model of Records, Inheritance, and Bounded Quantification
Inheritance as Implicit Coercion
Coherence of Subsumption, Minimum Typing and Type-Checking in F
Record Calculi
Operations on Records
Typing Record Concatenation for Free
Extensible Records in a Pure Calculus of Subtyping
Bounded Quantification Is Undecidable
Two Semantic Models of Object-Oriented Languages
Inheritance Is Not Subtyping
Toward a Typed Foundation for Method Specialization and Inheritance
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