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Loughran P. Failed Stone. Problems and Solutions with Concrete and Masonry

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Loughran P. Failed Stone. Problems and Solutions with Concrete and Masonry
Basel: Birkhäuser – Publishers for Architecture. - 2007. - 160 p. The mission of Failed Stone is to present knowledge from past projects in an effort to prevent the occurrence of future problems. As Falling Glass described the limitations of glass in fagade design, Failed Stone provides a guide to better understanding concrete, masonry, and stone. By sharing the lessons learned from great works like Finlandia Hall, my hope is to enhance the art of building. I am fortunate to practice architecture in Chicago, a city rich in architectural history. Chicago's great architectural past can come at a price. Designers are transforming materials of the past like masonry into materials of the future. A traditional perception of brick is that of a building tool used for heavy-looking buildings with straight lines. Part of the credit for these advances in concrete, stone, and masonry goes to new technologies from the construction industry and part goes to the imaginations of the architectural community. This publication serves not only to educate architects, educators, and students on the principles of concrete, stone, and masonry design, but to foster the pursuit of new ideas within the construction industry. The projects discussed in this book were developed by some of the greatest architects of the 20th and 21st centuries. They are innovative, creative designs. With any new creative endeavor comes the possibility of flaws and in some cases the possibility of "failed stone". This book describes many of the problems behind today's contemporary fagade designs and offers possible measures designers can take to prevent problems.
Table of Contents
Thermal Hysteresis
Surface Defects
About the Author
Selected Bibliography
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