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Glotin H. (ed.) Soundscape Semiotics. Localization and Categorization

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Glotin H. (ed.) Soundscape Semiotics. Localization and Categorization
InTech, 2014. — 193 p.
Book Soundscape Semiotics - Localization and Categorization is a research publication that covers original research on developments within the Soundscape Semiotics field of study. The book is a collection of reviewed scholarly contributions written by different authors. Each scholarly contribution represents a chapter and each chapter is complete in itself but related to the major topics and objectives. The chapters included in the book are divided in two section. First section - Advanced Signal Processing Methodologies for Soundscape Analysis contains 5 chapters, and second section - Human Hearing Estimations and Cognitive Soundscape Analysis 3 chapters. The target audience comprises scholars and specialists in the field.
Source Separation and DOA Estimation for Underdetermined Auditory Scene
Evaluation of an Active Microphone with a Parabolic Reflection Board for Monaural Sound-Source-Direction Estimation
Application of Iterative Reverse Time Migration Procedure on Transcranial Thermoacoustic Tomography Imaging
Automatic Identification and Interpretation of Animal Sounds, Application to Livestock Production Optimisation
Clusterized Mel Filter Cepstral Coefficients and Support Vector Machines for Bird Song Identification
Head-Related Transfer Functions and Virtual Auditory Display
Auditory Distance Estimation in an Open Space
Contribution of Precisely Apparent Source Width to Auditory Spaciousness
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