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Axelrod C.W. Engineering safe and secure software systems

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Axelrod C.W. Engineering safe and secure software systems
Artech House, 2012. — 304 p. — ISBN: 1608074722, 9781608074723, 1608074730, 9781608074730
Computer security was once a casual, even polite, discipline that was practiced in business and government via little tips: Don’t use your name as a password, published policy rules: Please inform the security team of any Internet-facing servers, and off-the-shelf products: Based on our scan, your system is free of malware!
This era of casualness has unfortunately long since passed, and technology practitioners, ranging from system administrators, to software engineers, to casual users, all understand that malicious threats to organizational assets are real. Just about every major organization on the planet has been hit with advanced persistent threats (APTs), distributed denial of service (DDOS) threats, or both—and the effects are often lethal. Safety-critical issues have been similarly intense with often serious consequences for the organization.
Warren Axelrod’s new book is an important contribution to the disciplines of security and safety—offering information that will be vital to anyone connected in any way to the protection of information and assets. While his book targets the software engineering life cycle, many of its security and safety points can be expanded and extrapolated to more general contexts. The discussions and examples are practical and provide considerable insights for professionals interested in immediate-term benefit.
The material on safeguarding public data and intellectual property is particularly useful, given so many recent public issues. Its emphasis on risk, and how it relates to security and safety-critical systems is also particularly relevant in the current global environment.
Newly published works on this topic of computer security and the related topic of system safety seem to appear on a regular basis, perhaps even daily. But few are produced by someone with the experience and knowledge of this capa- ble author, a longtime friend of mine. His background and expertise are unique and I am pleased that he’s taken the time to share a portion of his knowledge on protecting assets.
If you have already purchased this book, then by all means, please turn the page and begin reading. If, however, you are flipping through these pages online (or at your bookstore), then I strongly suggest that you add this book to your cart. It’s worth the read.
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