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Lake N. The Strategic Planning Workbook

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Lake N. The Strategic Planning Workbook
KoganPage, 2012. — 248 p. — 3rd ed. — ISBN: 074946500X, 9780749465001
The Strategic Planning Workbook is a practical, eclectic, pragmatic guide to creating a strategic plan. It defines strategic planning as gaining insights about where a company is now, gathering the information that identifies where that company should be in the future and generating the decisions that will bridge that gap.
This book provides the concepts needed to do the thinking, the tools to gather the necessary information, the techniques to make a decision and the frameworks to translate conclusions into action plans. Exercises, data gathering, analysis, two workshops and an implementation plan are all provided to create a map to the best future possible.
This fully revised third edition includes three new chapters, covering: how to analyze organizational circumstances and match a strategy to them how to build in measures to track business and strategic success and how to revise an existing plan, whether to take corrective action or to build upon its positive results.
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