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Prothero D.R., Schwab F. Sedimentary Geology

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Prothero D.R., Schwab F. Sedimentary Geology
3 edition. — W. H. Freeman, 2013. — 604 р.
Written for introductory courses, this text covers both sedimentary rocks and stratigraphy, focusing on crucial geological principles and, when essential, contributions from chemistry, physics, and structure.
Wе have introduced many talented undergraduate students to sedimentary geology: in the classroom, in the laboratory, and in the field. The first and second editions of this book
were a direct outgrowth of our earlier experiences, and this third edition builds on the strong success of those earlier editions. This text is written especially for undergraduates and is designed specifically for use in a first course in both sedimentary rocks and stratigraphy. We emphasize general principles that students need to master. We intentionally avoid overwhelming students with details, exceptions, or overly specialized examples. Coverage is deliberately weighted in favor of the varieties of sedimentary rocks such as conglomerate, sandstone, mudrock, limestone, and dolostone that make up 99% of the sedimentary rock column. There is a general summary of aqueous geochemistry because a clear understanding of weathering and chemical sedimentation
requires it. Similarly, principles of fluid mechanics are covered so that sedimentary structures,
sediment entrainment, and sediment deposition can be adequately understood. Not every detail and nuance of the stratigraphic code is discussed, but a reading of the text will provide students with a good grasp of the relative strengths and weaknesses of various methods of dating and correlation.
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