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Soloman Sabrie, Sensors and Control Systems in Manufacturing

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Soloman Sabrie, Sensors and Control Systems in Manufacturing
McGraw-Hill, 2010 - 624 p. - A Comprehensive Guide to Sensors and Control Systems in Manufacturing. Thoroughly updated with cutting-edge technologies, this detailed resource offers proven methods for effectively evaluating, selecting, and implementing sensors and controls to ensure error-free manufacturing environments. Sensors and Control Systems in Manufacturing, Second Edition offers step-by-step guidance on applying sensors to measure product parameters, control manufacturing, develop precision manufacturing systems, and generate and control motion. Real-world examples are included throughout to demonstrate successful industrial applications.
Coverage includes:
The latest sensor technologies, such as MEMS, photo-, bio-, nano-, and LED sensors
Sensor classification and types, including photoelectric, inductive and capacitive proximity, confocal microscropy, and laser sensors
Fiber optics in sensors and control systems
Networking of sensors and control systems in manufacturing
Sensors and control technology in computer-integrated manufacturing
Advanced sensor technology in precision manufacturing applications
Industrial sensors and control
Sensors in flexible manufacturing systems
Communications-indexing, transmission, and signal processing
SpectRx(tm) sensing technology
Manufacturing operation and control through financial planning
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