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Doermann D., Tombre K. (eds.) Handbook of Document Image Processing and Recognition

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Doermann D., Tombre K. (eds.) Handbook of Document Image Processing and Recognition
Издательство Springer, 2014, -1059 pp.
Optical Character Recognition was one of the very first applications addressed in computer science, once this field extended beyond the needs for simulation and scientific computing, which boosted its birth during World War II. However, although real applications were quickly available, it progressively became clear to everybody that beyond the ability for a computer to decipher characters, there was a very vast domain of open scientific problems and hard technical challenges to be able to build complete document analysis systems, to extract the appropriate information from a vast range of documents meant to be converted from their original paper form to the appropriate digital formats.
As scientists, we have been very lucky to have been a part of this great scientific and technological adventure, throughout several decades. We have seen the field of document analysis and recognition emerge and mature, we have seen the community organize itself, and create conferences, workshops, and journals dedicated to this field. We have also seen companies integrate the best of the scientific results into great technological products, which have helped people and companies merge the paper world and the digital world, and invent new concepts of what a document is and how it is handled, stored, exchanged, and searched for.
In 2010, nearly 20 years had already passed since the first International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition was held in Saint-Malo, France. We felt that it was time to consolidate the vast knowledge accumulated in the field into a comprehensive handbook making the state of the art available in a single volume. It took us 3 years of work to put this book together, with the great help of a set of dedicated authors representing the very best experts in the field. The field of document image processing and recognition is primarily defined by the fact that the objects on which processing, recognition, and analysis methods are applied, are documents – usually captured by some kind of imaging process. But it relies on a vast set of knowledge about image processing, pattern recognition, data classification, and information retrieval. The temptation was often there to tell the reader more about the basics of these scientific areas. However, we came to the conclusion that this would lead us to putting together a complete encyclopedia, not just a handbook! Therefore, we assume that our readers are reasonably familiar with the fundamental methodology and concepts of these fields, or that they will look them up in other reference books.
Volume 1
Part A Introduction, Background, Fundamentals

A Brief History of Documents and Writing Systems
Document Creation, Image Acquisition and Document Quality
The Evolution of Document Image Analysis
Imaging Techniques in Document Analysis Processes
Part B Page Analysis
Page Segmentation Techniques in Document Analysis
Analysis of the Logical Layout of Documents
Page Similarity and Classification
Part C Text Recognition
Text Segmentation for Document Recognition
Language, Script, and Font Recognition
Machine-Printed Character Recognition
Handprinted Character and Word Recognition
Continuous Handwritten Script Recognition
Middle Eastern Character Recognition
Asian Character Recognition
Volume 2
Part D Processing of Non-textual Information

Graphics Recognition Techniques
An Overview of Symbol Recognition
Analysis and Interpretation of Graphical Documents
Logo and Trademark Recognition
Recognition of Tables and Forms
Processing Mathematical Notation
Part E Applications
Document Analysis in Postal Applications and Check Processing
Analysis and Recognition ofMusic Scores
Analysis of Documents Born Digital
Image Based Retrieval and Keyword Spotting in Documents
Text Localization and Recognition in Images and Video
Part F Analysis of Online Data
Online Handwriting Recognition
Online Signature Verification
Sketching Interfaces
Part G Evaluation and Benchmarking
Datasets and Annotations for Document Analysis and Recognition
Tools and Metrics for Document Analysis Systems Evaluation
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