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Nieuwstadt F.Т.М. (Ed.) Flow Visualization and Image Analysis

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Nieuwstadt F.Т.М. (Ed.) Flow Visualization and Image Analysis
Springer-Science+Business Media, B.V., 1993. IX, 279 p. — ISBN 978-94-010-5191-0 — (Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications, Vol. 14).
Progress in fluid mechanics depends heavily on the availability of good experimental data which can inspire new ideas and concepts but which are also necessary to check and validate theories and numerical calculations.
With the advent of new recording and image analysis techniques new and promising experimental methods in fluid flows have presented themselves which are rather newly developed techniques such as particle tracking velocimetry (PTV), particle image velocimetry (PIV) and laser fluorescene (LIF).
This volume presents state-of-the-art research on these techniques and their application to fluid flow. Selected papers from the EUROMECH conference on Image Analysis are published in this volume.
Content Level » Research
Related subjects » Classical Continuum Physics - Engineering - Physics
Table of Contents
Theory of cross-correlation analysis of PIV images
Decay of rotating turbulence: Some particle tracking experiments
Measurement of product concentration of two parallel reactive jets using digital image processing
Image analysis of oil film interferometry - a method of measuring wall shear stress distributions
Recent advances in LSV, PIV and PTV
Development of particle image velocimetry: A new computation method with directional resolution
Algorithms for automatic measurements of size and velocity of spray droplets from holography reconstructions
Characterization of Savonius rotor wake using image analysis processing techniques
An application of image processing methods to determine the critical shear stress in sewer systems
A three dimensional particle image velocimetry system and its application to the measurement of acoustic streaming
A camera for measuring density, size and velocity of rising air bubbles and water velocity in a bubble plume
The application of PIV to turbulent two-phase flow
A critical analysis of the particle image velocimetry technique as applied to waves
A colored method for PIV technique
Digital PIV applied to flows around artificial heart valves: Analysis by autocorrelation.
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