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Mikulic Dinko. Design of Demining Machines

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Mikulic Dinko. Design of Demining Machines
Springer, 2013. — XIV, 213 p. — ISBN 978-1-4471-4503-5, ISBN 978-1-4471-4504-2, DOI 10.1007/978-1-4471-4504-2.
Provides comprehensive presentation of the testing and evaluation methods of demining machines on the test range, such as the performance test, survivability test and acceptance test
Describes development and testing of modern demining machines in humanitarian demining and their use and application, providing higher safety and greater productivity
Details designs for a range of demining machines taking in to consideration range of features such as soil treatment and neutralization and contains a large number of illustrations, offers conclusions, and provides prospects and guidelines in the development of the demining machines to fully explain and illustrate current methods.

In constant effort to eliminate mine danger, international mine action community has been developing safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of clearance methods. Demining machines have become necessary when conducting humanitarian demining where the mechanization of demining provides greater safety and productivity. Design of Demining Machines describes the development and testing of modern demining machines in humanitarian demining.

Relevant data for design of demining machines are included to explain the machinery implemented and some innovative and inspiring development solutions. Development technologies, companies and projects are discussed to provide a comprehensive estimate of the effects of various design factors and to proper selection of optimal parameters for designing the demining machines.

Covering the dynamic processes occurring in machine assemblies and their components to a broader understanding of demining machine as a whole, Design of Demining Machines is primarily tailored as a text for the study of the fundamentals and engineering techniques involved in the calculation and design of demining machines. It will prove as useful resource for engineers, designers, researchers and policy makers working in this field.
Content Level » Research
Keywords » Demining Flails, Tillers and Rotas - Design of Demining Machines - Evaluation of Demining Machines - Humanitarian Demining - Mechanics of Machine Demining - Mine Clearance & Neutralization - Mine Protected Vehicles
Related subjects » Applied & Technical Physics - Mechanical Engineering - Robotics
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