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Lyster R., Bradbrook A. Energy Law and the Environment

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Lyster R., Bradbrook A. Energy Law and the Environment
New York, "Cambridge University Press", 2006, -263p.
Unsustainable practices worldwide in energy production and consumption have led to a plethora of environmental problems. For a long time environmental law largely overlooked the relevance of energy production and consumption, and energywas not seen to be ofmuch significance to the advancement of sustainable development. This has changed in recent years, with increasing global concern aboutclimatechange,andinparticular withthepublicationbytheUnitedNations of the World Energy Assessment report followed by the detailed consideration of this issue at theWorld Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002. Australia has been seen to be lagging behind the othermajor industrialised nations in addressing sustainable energy issues. EnergyLawandtheEnvironment showsthe relevance of energy production and consumption toclimate changeandsustainabledevelopment. It discusses current national and international legal regimes and offers creative legal solutions for enhancing the role of the lawin advancing sustainable development in the future.
This is compulsory reading for legal practitioners and academics interested in energy law and climate change, as well as for professionals in environmental consultancies and relevant government agencies across Australia. Students of environment law, energy law, environmental management and environmental science will find this book an invaluable resource, as will anyone with an interest in energy and sustainable development.
Rosemary Lyster is Associate Professor and Director of the Australian Centre for Environmental Law (Sydney) at the University of Sydney.
Adrian Bradbrook is the Bonython Professor of Lawat theUniversity of Adelaide and Fellow of the Center for Environmental Legal Studies at Pace University Law School in New York.
Overview of energy production and use in Australia
Energy technologies and sustainable development
Energy, international environmental law and sustainable development
Evaluating Australian government initiatives relating to energy, climate change and the environment
Sustainable energy in the Australian electricity and gas sectors
State government initiatives relating to energy and the environment
A sustainable energy law future for Australia.
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