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Ilcev S.D. Global Mobile Satellite Communications: For Maritime, Land and Aeronautical Applications

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Ilcev S.D. Global Mobile Satellite Communications: For Maritime, Land and Aeronautical Applications
Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 2007, 515 pages, ISBN 1-4020-7767-X
Global Mobile Satellite Communications (GMSC) are specific satellite communication systems for maritime, land and aeronautical applications, which will enable connections between Mobile Earth Stations (MES), such as ships, land vehicles and aircraft on the one hand and telecommunications subscribers on shore on the other, through the medium of space segment configuration (satellite constellation), Land Earth Stations (LES) and PTT, Terrestrial Telecommunications Network (TTN) or other landline providers.
This book is very important for modern shipping, road, rail and aeronautical concerns, because GMSC are providing more effective business, trade and prosperity in the new millennium, in the first place for safety and security matters and secondly, for commercial communications. Thus, the most considerable marketing and technical point of this book is due to a great deficiency of suitable manuals on the present international book market, which completely describe GMSC fundamentals, space segments, ground segments (MES and LES) and Global Mobile Personal Satellite Communications (GMPSC).
The book discusses hot topics in telecommunications techniques and technology, which will be useful for technical staff on board vessels, in land vehicles and aircraft, on offshore constructions and for those possessing satellite handset phones. Included are sea, land and air transport sets with many other requirements for more effective trade, which need development, design, utility, implementation, usage and knowledge about GMSC for safety and commercial applications. Otherwise, GMSC solutions are very important to all modern transportation companies, dispatchers, agencies, brokers and the successful management, commerce, carriage tracking and logistics of their fleet.
Space Segment
Transmission Techniques
Antenna Systems for Mobile Satellite Applications
Propagation and Interference Consideration
The Inmarsat GEO GMSC System
Cospas-Sarsat LEO and GEO GMSC Systems
Non-GEO GMSC Systems
Global Satellite Augmentation Systems (GSAS)
Global Stratospheric Platform Systems (GSPS)
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