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Bakieva G., Iriskulov M. et al. Stay in Touch

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Bakieva G., Iriskulov M. et al. Stay in Touch
G. Bakieva, M. Iriskulov, F. Russek, G. Kan, S. Tahirjanova, N. Kambarov.
Course-Book. — Tashkent: Uzbekistan State University of World Languages, 2005. — 279 p.
The topics presented in Stay In Touch will introduce students to a variety of information about culture, the arts, health, and features of American and Uzbek communities. The texts include
both classic and modern literature from America and Great Britain. There are also texts by and about Uzbek classic and modern masters in various fields.
Students are guided and encouraged by the exercises and tasks in Stay In Touch to think critically and to apply the new language to produce meaningful English speech and writing.
Teachers should find sufficient material to prepare lessons that are communicative but also contain grammar review (revision) and vocabulary building.
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