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Spiegel M.R. Theory and Problems of Probability and Statistics

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Spiegel M.R. Theory and Problems of Probability and Statistics
McGraw-Hill, 1998. — 372 p. — Series: Schaum's Outline
ISBN-10: 0070602204 ISBN-13: 978-0070602205
The purpose of this book is to present a modern introduction to probability and statistics using background of calculus. For convenience the book is divided into two parts. The first deals with probability (and by itself can be used to provide an introduction to the subject), while the second deals with statistics.
The book is designed to be used either as a textbook for formal course in probability and statistics or as a comprehensive supplement to all current standard texts. It should also be of considerable value as a book of reference for research workers or to those interested in the field for self-study.
The book can be used for a one-year course, of by a judicious choice of topics, a one-semester course.
Sets and probability.
Random variables and probability distribution.
Mathematical expectation.
Special probability distributions.
Sampling theory.
Estimation theory.
Tests of hypotheses and significance.
Curve fitting regression and correlation.
Analysis of variance.
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