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Atkins P.W., Friedman R.S. Molecular Quantum Mechanics

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Atkins P.W., Friedman R.S. Molecular Quantum Mechanics
3rd ed. — Oxford University Press, 1996. — 558 p. — ISBN-10 0199541426.
Molecular Quantum Mechanics established itself as a classic as soon as the original edition appeared. Maintaining the important and essential spirit of the earlier editions, this third edition remains in the forefront of its field. The book has been entirely rewritten to present the subjectmore clearly than ever before, and the use of two-color art helps to make the text even more accessible. The text remains unique in the range of topics it covers, from the foundations of quantum mechancis to applications such as spectroscopy and the electric and magnetic properties of matter. Twoentirely new chapters have been added to this third edition. One is an introduction to computational techniques in quantum chemistry and the other is an introduction on scattering theory. Anyone teaching courses using quantum mechanics, particularly quantum chemistry, will not only find this volumeauthoritative but highly approachable as well.
Introduction and orientation
The foundations of quantum mechanics
Linear motion and the harmonic oscillator
Rotational motion and the hydrogen atom
Angular momentum
Group theory
Techniques of approximation
Atomic spectra and atomic structure
An introduction to molecular structure
The calculation of electronic structures
Molecular rotations and vibrations
Molecular electronic transitions
The electronic properties of molecules
The magnetic properties of molecules
Scattering theory Further information Further reading
Character tables and direct products
Vector coupling coefficients Answers to Selected Problems
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