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Bagchi B. Water in Biological and Chemical Processes: From Structure and Dynamics to Function

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Bagchi B. Water in Biological and Chemical Processes: From Structure and Dynamics to Function
Cambridge University Press, 2013. — 356 p.
Building up from microscopic basics to observed complex functions, this insightful monograph explains and describes how the unique molecular properties of water give rise to its structural and dynamical behavior, which in turn translates into its role in biological and chemical processes.
The discussion of the biological functions of water details not only the stabilizing effect of water in proteins and DNA, but also the direct role that water molecules themselves play in biochemical processes, such as enzyme kinetics, protein synthesis, and drug–DNA interaction. The overview of the behavior of water in chemical systems discusses hydrophilic, hydrophobic, and amphiphilic effects, as well as the interactions of water with micelles, reverse micelles, microemulsions, and carbon nanotubes.
Supported by extensive experimental and computer simulation data, highlighting many of the recent advances in the study of water in complex systems, this is an ideal resource for anyone studying water at the molecular level.
Bulk water
Uniqueness of water.
Anomalies of water.
Dynamics of water: molecular motions and hydrogen-bond-breaking kinetics.
Inherent structures of liquid water.
The pH of water.
Water in biology
Biological water.
An essential chemical for life processes: water in biological functions.
Hydration of proteins.
Understanding the protein hydration layer: lessons from computer simulations.
Water in and around DNA and RNA.
Protein–DNA interaction: the role of water as a facilitator.
Water surrounding lipid bilayers: its role as a lubricant.
The role of water in biochemical selection and protein synthesis.
Water in complex chemical systems
The hydrophilic effect.
The hydrophobic effect.
The amphiphilic effect: the diverse but intimate world of aqueous binary mixtures.
Water in and around micelles, reverse micelles, and microemulsions.
Water in a carbon nanotube: nature abhors a vacuum.
Advanced topics on water
The entropy of water.
The freezing of water into ice.
Supercritical water.
Approaches to understand water anomalies.
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