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Herrmann A. (Ed.) The Chemistry and Biology of Volatiles

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Herrmann A. (Ed.) The Chemistry and Biology of Volatiles
Wiley, 2010. - 430 p. - Volatile compounds are molecules with a relatively low molecular weight allowing for an efficient evaporation into the air. They are found in many areas of our everyday-life: they are responsible for the communication between species such as plants, insects or mammals; they serve as flavours or fragrances in many food products or perfumed consumer articles; and they play an important role in atmospheric chemistry.
This book takes an interdisciplinary approach to volatile molecules. Review-style introductions to the main topics in volatile chemistry and biology are provided by international experts, building into a broad overview of this fascinating field.
Topics covered include:
- The structural variety of volatile compounds
- Biogeneration of volatiles
- Synthesis of natural and non-natural volatiles
- Analysis of volatiles
- Volatile compounds as semiochemicals in plant-plant or plant-insect interactions
- Volatiles in pest control
- Pheromones and the influence of volatiles on mammals
- Olfaction and human perception
- Volatiles as fragrances
- The generation of flavours and food aroma compounds
- Stabilisation and controlled release of volatiles
- The impact of volatiles on the environment and the atmosphere
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