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Shah Y.T. Water for Energy and Fuel Production

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Shah Y.T. Water for Energy and Fuel Production
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2014. XXII, 441 p. — ISBN-13: 978-1-4822-1619-6 (eBook - PDF).
Water, in all its forms, may be the key to an environmentally friendly energy economy. Water is free, there is plenty of it, plus it carries what is generally believed to be the best long-term source of green energy—hydrogen.
Water for Energy and Fuel Production explores the many roles of water in the energy and fuel industry. The text not only discusses water’s use as a direct source of energy and fuel—such as hydrogen from water dissociation, methane from water-based clathrate molecules, hydroelectric dams, and hydrokinetic energy from tidal waves, off-shore undercurrents, and inland waterways—but also:
Describes water’s benign application in the production of oil, gas, coal, uranium, biomass, and other raw fuels, and as an energy carrier in the form of hot water and steam
Examines water’s role as a reactant, reaction medium, and catalyst—as well as steam’s role as a reactant—for the conversion of raw fuels to synthetic fuels
Explains how supercritical water can be used to convert fossil- and bio-based feedstock to synthetic fuels in the presence and absence of a catalyst
Employing illustrative case studies and commercial examples, Water for Energy and Fuel Production demonstrates the versatility of water as a provider of energy and fuel, conveying the message that as energy demand and environmental concerns grow, so should our vigilance in pursuing the role of water in the energy landscape.
Series Preface
Role of Water in Recovery and Production of Raw Fuels
Energy Recovery by Benign Hydrothermal Processes (ERP)
Steam Gasification and Reforming Technologies
Hydrothermal Processes in Subcritical Water
Aqueous Phase Reforming and Bioforming Process
Biofine Hydrolysis Process and Derivative Product Upgrading Technologies
Anaerobic Digestion of Aqueous Waste for Methane and Hydrogen
Hydrolysis and Fermentation Technologies for Alcohols
Fuel Production by Supercritical Water
Water Dissociation Technologies for Hydrogen
Methane from Gas Hydrates
Power and Energy Directly from Water
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